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La Loma Medical Office, Inc. has provided care for over 130,000 patients since 1997.  We are proud to continue to serve our community!


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We offer services by appointment or on a drop–in urgent basis.

Diabetes Care

We provide care for diabetes, including dietary recommendations, medication, and monitoring to help avoid the complications of diabetes.  We also screen for Pre-diabetes.

DMV Commercial Driving Examinations

We will schedule you and provide the physical examination for truck drivers and bus drivers who need Class A drivers licences renewals.

Internal Medicine

We provide expertise in adult medicine with a special focus on prevention of disease and prevention of complication of diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

STD Services

If you need testing for sexually transmitted disease we provided testing and treatment and low income individuals may even qualify for free services in this area.


Immigration Exams

We provide exams for the i693 exam for immigration purposes.  Please call our office for information about what to bring to the exam.

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Call today for an appointment.  Llamenos hoy para una cita.

Are you ready for a consultation?

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Servicios Medicos

Alta presion arterial

Proveemos servicios para toda la comunidad.



Manejamos la diabetes con medicina, y recomendaciones de dieta y ejecicio.



Diagnosticamos y manejamos varios tipos de artritis para usted.

Problemas de la piel


Le ayudemos con problemas de la piel como la hiedra, ongos, allegias, y acne

Prevencion de enfermedades


We screen for cancer, provide vaccinations, and emphasize dietary changes as an important part of managing medical conditions.

We believe healthcare is a human right

We are here to serve the South Stockton and East Oakland communities and provide quality care to all who enter our doors.


Cultural Competence and Cultural Humilty

Listening is most important


Access to care for all

Accessible healthcare

SInce 1997 we have been here to provide care to the local community.  We provide a full range of services.  We accept insurances and we offer low cost care for those without insurance

Free Services

We provide a number of free services to low income people who qualify. Please call us to find out if you qualify for the following free services. Pap Smear Mammogram HIV test Chlamydia test Syphilis test Gonorrhea test Birth control pills, IUD, and other contraceptive methods Vaccines Prenatal care Physical exams


Medical Services

We provide a variety of services here at La Loma Medical Office. Family Medicine Internal Medicine Prevention Services Chronic Illnesses Diabetes Hypertension Skin Disease Examinations Immmigration exams School physicals DMV exams Check-ups Other Services Cancer Screening Vaccines Sexual Health Family Planning Elderly care Laboratory Urgent care Drop-in

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