Covid 19

During the Covid 19 Pandemic we are still open but with some changes put in place to protect our staff and the community.

  • We are open on a limited schedule. Please call for the latest office hours schedule.
  • We do in-person AND telemedicine consults.  Some consultations are best evaluated in person, while others are done effectively by phone and video.
  • We require masks in the office.
  • We will screen you for fever at the front door
  • If you have the following symptoms: fever, cough, body aches, chills, diarrhea, sore throat, ear infections. We will provide you with a telemedicine consult with our providers.  We are not seeing patients with these symptoms in the office at this time.

Urgent Care

We treat urgent medical conditions such as lacerations, upper respiratory infections, gout attacks, urinary tract infections, skin infections, dizziness and many others.  Call or drop in if you are in need of urgent care.  We do reserve the urgent visits for these type of illnesses.  If you need routine services such as blood pressure checks, medication adjustment, routine physical exams please make an appointment.


Free Services

We provide a number of free services to low income people who qualify. Please call us to find out if you qualify for the following free services.

  • Pap Smear
  • Mammogram
  • HIV test
  • Chlamydia test
  • Syphilis test
  • Gonorrhea test
  • Birth control pills, IUD, and other contraceptive methods
  • Vaccines
  • Prenatal care
  • Physical exams

Immigration Exams

We provide physical exams for form i693 for immigration purposes. Please bring the following: 1. photo identification, 2. written record of any vaccines you want to document on the form. We will do the following at the office:

  • Syphilis test
  • Vaccines
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test
  • Examination by the doctor

Summary of events:

Day 1: Skin test placed, Lab test drawn, Immunization history reviewed.
Day 3: Skin test result reviewed, Lab results reviewed. If both are negative, you complete you physical exam. Any needed vaccines are given. You are done!
Day 4 or 5: (If needed) Follow up with Chest Xray if needed and if its clear you are done now. (The only test that would delay you beyond day 4-5 is a positive syphilis test. You would need 3 weeks of treatment – then you would be done)


DMV Commercial License Exam

We are happy to provide the DOT/DMV commercial drivers license exam for you.  Please bring your drivers license, and a list of all your medications, if any, to the exam.  Please call for the cost of the exam.


Medical Services

  • Dermatology:  we removed skin tags and other benign lesions, treat acne, itchy rashes such as poison oak and urticaria, toenail problems, rosacea, and other skin conditions
  • Heart:  we perform EKG’s in the office, counsel on reducing risk for heart disease, and we work closely with local community cardiologists for evaluation of heart symptoms.
  • Cancer prevention:  Male and female cancer prevention.
  • Immunizaitons
  • Digestive problems: gastritis, hemorrhoids, colon screening, liver, gall bladder evaluations.
  • Neurologic:  migraines, tension headaches, facial nerve paralysis (Bell’s Palsy).
  • Lab:  we order blood testing and draw blood in our office for your convenience, and send out to Quest and Labcorp.